In Ark cover for webLisa Devaney’s first book In Ark: A Promise of Survival is available on Amazon. Her debut novel is a futuristic cli-fi tale.

Mya Brand is in a race against climate change as she tries to digitally archive humanity’s life stories before the planet is destroyed. Living in New York City in the year 2044, her daily survival is fraught with the hardships of obtaining food and maintaining basic life essentials. She struggles, until one day she is abducted by an eco-survivalist community called Ark, which promises that her dream of preserving humanity’s stories will come true.

But Ark is not the utopia that it promises. Is Ark the solution for climate change or the problem?

In Ark: A Promise of Survival is available from Amazon as an ebook or POD. It will be releasing to other platforms in 2015 including: Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie, eSentral, Scribd and PagePusher.

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