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In New Cli-Fi Book In Ark: A Promise of Survival, Wholesome Eco-Beliefs Become Twisted

Lisa Devaney’s first book is a story about a woman abducted by an eco-survivalist cult

London, England —New American indie author Lisa Devaney has debuted her first book In Ark: A Promise of Survival with Amazon, telling a dystopian tale that warns how eco-ideologies could turn dangerous.

In this futuristic cli-fi (climate change fiction) story, the main character Mya Brand tries to digitally archive the life stories of humanity before the planet is destroyed. Living in New York City in the year 2044, Mya’s daily survival is fraught with hardships of obtaining food and maintaining basic life essentials. She struggles, until one day she is abducted by an eco-survivalist community called Ark, which promises that her dream of preserving humanity’s stories will come true. But paradise in Ark is not the utopia that it promised.

Mya is emotionally devastated from a failed first marriage and has buried herself in her work—what she believes is her life’s mission—all in effort to heal from her divorce. She’s become a hardboiled character since ending things with her ex-husband; she lost her trust in people and stopped believing in romantic relationships.

This story is about Mya’s journey toward healing her hard shell, as well as a futuristic adventure tale of humanity surviving with the impact of climate change. The inspiration for this book came from finding seaweed on the beach, and, in part, from a story the author’s mother told her about how a tribe of nomadic gypsies had tried to steal her away as a baby. With the idea of Ark, Devaney explores how seemingly harmless and well-meaning ideologies can morph into twisted practices led by controlling deviant organizations.

Early readers say:

Emma Harrison, writer, journalist and English literature graduate of Cambridge University: “In these times of environmental catastrophe, Lisa Devaney conjures up a near-future dystopia which feels all too likely to be realised. Wonderfully original in its ideas – read this to glimpse the future, if you dare!”

Andrew Christison, Information Systems Manager: “I really enjoyed this original near-future dystopian speculative fiction. The characters and scenario really draw you in and I’d love to read more.”

Rebecca Loughlin, Early Years Educator: “Great book! A mixture between The Hunger Games and The Host. Can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Monica Wanat, Editor: “Lisa Devaney’s debut novel follows the dark, futuristic tradition established by Blade Runner and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale – without being fan fiction of either. This novel creates its own unique world, characters, and issues and reveals the promise of this new author.”

Joe Follansbee, writer and journalist: “in Ark shows that even the most benign ideology, in this case, living “sustainably” in isolation from the dominant culture, is as insidious and hypocritical as any malignant set of ideas. In Ark serves as a warning to a society that faces serious dangers as the climate changes. We won’t find answers by withdrawing into a cocoon of dogma.”

About Lisa Devaney

Lisa Devaney (nee Rosevear) is an American indie author living in London, England. The author has spent a lifetime fascinated by the various storytelling mediums. As a child, she wrote and illustrated her own comic strip and won writing contests. Living in New York City in the 1990’s, she turned herself into an online cartoon character called (((Futuregirl))) and bravely decided to take her make-believe character offline, performing in SLAM poetry-style. Soon, she became widely known and was often spotted out in the club scene dressed up as her superhero character.

Devaney also has a successful career as a publicist, including representing numerous technology clients through her consultancy the Hai Media Group. Prior to this, she had her career as an award-winning newspaper reporter, with focus on environmental reporting.

Now part of the social media generation, she has adapted enthusiastically to this new storytelling medium. She can be found on Twitter (@lisadevaney) or on Facebook.

Editor’s Notes

  • This book has been edited by Monica Wanat ( and the cover and formatting was done by the artist Aidana WillowRaven ( Proofreading was by Liz Mabry ( Book marketing consultation was offered by Albert Griesmayr (
  • Reviewers are offered the book free, in PDF format, by request.
  • In Ark: A Promise of Survival joins a new genre of fiction called cli-fi (climate change fiction) that was invented by the activist and writer Danny Bloom in 2007.
  • Come to the book launch in London on November 8th 2014 or join in on the G+ Hangout On Air. For your invite, please email [email protected] 


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